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Coinorama is an independant, free-of-charge monitor of Bitcoin markets, network and blockchain.
It's been online since May 2013.

You're welcome to share comments and bug reports on bitcointalk and twitter.
Any other inquiry can be sent to{at}
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Markets - Helpx

You may display individual or multiple exchanges data.
If selected exchanges use different currencies, data are converted to USD.

Each chart box can be customized, and you may select among the following chart types : The ticker on the right shows for each exchange : Data are updated every 3 seconds.
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Network - Helpx

This section shows some statistics about the Bitcoin network : Data are updated every 30 seconds.

Latest Blocks

Coinorama API

Coinorama's ticker data are public and can be accessed using the API described on this page.

An implementation example is provided with this simple Python ticker: (GitHub).

Markets Ticker

Recommended request rate : Ten per minute

Returns a JSON object where "ticks" holds the data of available exchanges.
Each exchange is represented by a key whose value holds a tick object.
A tick object has the following properties :
lastprice of the latest tradecurrency/BTC
openprice of the first trade of the past 24hcurrency/BTC
avgaverage price during the past 24hcurrency/BTC
bidorder book highest bid pricecurrency/BTC
askorder book lowest ask pricecurrency/BTC
volumetrading volume (past 24h)Bitcoins
rusdcurrency to USD conversion raten/a

Bitcoin Network Info

Recommended request rate : Two per minute

Returns a JSON object where "ticks" holds the data of available crypto-currencies (currently Bitcoin only).
For each crypto-currency, an object holds the crypto-currency name and the tick data.
A tick object has the following properties :
lastlast block IDn/a
timelast block timestampUNIX timestamp UTC
hratehashrate estimateMH/s